A Psychotic Waltz is a trip throughout time
of the subconscious and conscious brain
and can be an eclipse of time in somebody's mind …

European Tour 2017

… a Waltz or a dance or an exposé of time …
… to want a person to be put in a happy state of mind …

Listen to some tunes

… looking for a happy state of mind and finding a Waltz is like a happy festive dance.
Psychotic Waltz … psycho … psychoanalyzm … psych … psychic … psychicism …

Digital Downloads

  • A Social Grace

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  • Into the Everflow

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  • Mosquito

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  • Bleeding

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CDs and LPs

… where you are looking and searching for a thing in time
that you would want to have done to remember for the goodness of your heart in time.

Press Release

  • Norman Leggio
  • Brian McAlpin
  • Devon Graves
  • Dan Rock
  • Ward Evans

Recently reunited San Diego-area progressive metallers Psychotic Waltz have just returned from performances at Rock Hard and Keep It True festivals, as well as their first-ever headlining shows in Greece. The band is now back at home and has started the songwriting process for its fifth studio album (and the group's first record since 1996).

Psychotic Waltz reunited with its original lineup (vocalist Devon Graves, guitarists Dan Rock and Brian McAlpin, bassist Ward Evans and drummer Norm Leggio) early in 2011 after a break of nearly fifteen years. The band took part in the Power Of Metal tour of Europe in April 2011 alongside Nevermore and Symphony X, marking a triumphant return to the scene, and the first time the five founding members had been on the same stage since 1995.

Psychotic Waltz built a strong following in Europe due to its highly-regarded four studio albums but remains a mostly unknown entity in the United States. That was due to the fact that none of their albums ever saw a U.S. release, despite having their albums critically lauded by the European press and fans. All that should change with their next studio album, however, for which they have already received several offers from international labels. The band's profile in Europe was further bolstered by the re-release of their four albums on CD by Metal Blade Records, as well as the reissue of all four records on vinyl, as well in an impressive 7-LP box set by Century Media Records, which quickly sold out.

To help bridge the gap, and to make their material available everywhere, Psychotic Waltz has released its four studio albums — 1990's "A Social Grace", 1992's "Into The Everflow", 1994's "Mosquito" and 1996's "Bleeding" — digitally worldwide on all platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and others. In July, the band will also release its long out-of-print solo and side-project records digitally, including the End Amen album "Your Last Orison", the Darkstar albums "Marching Into Oblivion" and "Heart Of Darkness", and the Buddy Lackey album "The Strange Mind Of Buddy Lackey". Additional festival appearances for 2013 will be announced in the coming months.

For booking inquiries, contact Dominik Meyer:

For all other inquiries, contact Ula Gehret:

We remember …

Stephen Michael Clift

29 JUL 67 – 30 OCT 15

On October 29, 2015, original Psychotic Waltz artist Mike Clift was riding his bike when he was struck from behind by a Kia Mini-Van on interstate 40 outside Amarillo, Texas. He was transported to a hospital but never regained consciousness, and died the following night.

Read Dan Rock’s tribute to Mike Clift.

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