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- Songs -

To Chase The Stars
No Glory
Spiral Tower

- Bonus Track -
* The Fry Tape *


Aslan Demo


The 1st demo

    This demo tape, recorded in 1986 for about $700, was the beginning of studio recording for the young band, then known as "Aslan".

    The 3 songs established them as one of San Diego's top local heavy acts, and even got a bit of radio play

"The Fry Tape" was an experimental 4 track recording by Dan & Brian.  Spacey, ethereal, ambient stoner music.

    Probably the rarest of Psychotic memorabilia, the tape was released on a compilation CD, but was recorded from an old worn out cassette copy, resulting in a sound that was less than spectacular.

    Years later, it is now available on the "Live & Archive's" CD, remixed by Dan Rock directly off the master 24 track tape.


- Songs -

And The Devil Cried
Halo Of Thorns
I Of The Storm

"Psychotic Waltz"

Psychotic Waltz Demo


The 2nd demo

    After discovering another band named Aslan, the band needed a name change.   A friend described one of the new songs as sounding like some kind of a "psychotic waltz".

    The band loved the phrase and named the song after it. We  loved it so much we named the band after it!

    The new demo, recorded in 1988, went in a much heavier direction than Aslan did.  Playing with weird meters & tempos, double tracking and sonic sculpturing.

   This is the demo that attracted the attention of German magazines, and ultimately led to the next release, and debut at
Holland's famous Dynamo Festival in 1991.


- Songs -

And The Devil Cried
Halo Of Thorns
Another Prophet's Song
In This Place
I Remember
Sleeping Dogs
I Of The Storm
A Psychotic Waltz
Only In A Dream
Spiral Tower

"A Social Grace"

A Social Grace


Audio downloads

The Debut CD

    Recorded in San Diego from '89 through '90.  With funds from local gigs & merchandise sales, friend & manager Richie Rich, as well as a front from German indie lable (and rip-off artist) Rising Sun Records.

    This debut was well received by the music lovers in Europe, but remains an extremely underground item in the U.S.

    Blending all their influences into one massive sound, PW created a very unique style, once referred to as "Progressive Hippie Metal"!  This CD also made "Album of the Month" in many Euro-mags, including Rock Hard & Metal Hammer, one fanatic went as far as to name it "Album of the Decade"!

- Songs -

Out Of Mind
Tiny Streams
Into The Everflow
Little People
Hanging On A String

-Bonus Track
On Reissue-

*Disturbing The Priest*

"Into The Everflow"

Into The Everflow


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The Follow Up CD

     Recorded in Germany during typically cold weather in 1992.  The band got to live in a 1000 year old castle during the session.

     This CD was put out by yet another rip-off label from Germany, Dream Circle Records.  Coincidentally former partners with Rising Sun, small world isn't it?

     After the recording, the band did a small tour as a preview of the coming CD. Dan was still recovering from a 40 foot fall off a bridge while rappelling, and had to play the tour sitting down...opposite Brian McAlpin, who is in a wheelchair from a car accident back in 11th grade.  The band seemed very accident prone.

    This CD seemed to take the band into an even stranger syncopated sound, yet delivered melodic songs too. It also ranked "Album Of The Month".

- Songs -

Lovestone Blind
Haze One
Shattered Sky
All The Voices
Dancing In The Ashes
Only Time
Locked Down

- Hidden Track -





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The"Sellout" CD

    Recorded in 1994 at the world famous "Record Plant" in Los Angeles with legendary metal producer, ( and cool guy ) Scott Burns.

   And released by yet another rip-off record label!! This time it was Zardoz Music, ya think the boys would learn!

    This CD proved to be the most commercial attempt by the band, and labeled by some hard-core fans as a "sellout".  However, the less complicated material went over noticeably well live, PW was kickin' in the heavy grooves!

     It was also mixed in Florida at Morrissound Studios, famous for many things, Deep Purple recordings being one of them.

   Still in the top 10, (# 2 actually) it didn't fare as well as previous cd's...still, not bad.

- Songs -

Northern Lights
My Grave


Psychotic Waltz Bleeding


Audio downloads

The Final CD?

    Recorded in San Diego in 1996, this turned out to be the bands final studio work together.

    Finally, the band penned a deal direct with Intercord records, and for the 1st time in their career, did NOT get ripped off!!!

   Scott Burns flew in to do the Engineering, but couldn't stay for the mix down.  Dan Rock, and Engineer Woody Barber took on the task of producing it.   Travis Smith took over the artwork for an ailing Mike Clift.

   This time they were back on top with "Album Of The Month" again.  Critics & fans seemed to embrace this as deeply as the debut cd.  And the songs, a mixture of the groove from Mosquito, the darkness of Everflow, and the Heaviness of Social Grace, went over extremely well on their 7th & 8th tours of Europe.  Even the US started listening.

Psychotic Waltz Offshoots


- Songs -

World In Decay
Prisons Of Posterity
End Amen
Mystic Mountains
A New Day's Absurdity
Nocturnal March
Your Last Orison

"Your Last Orison"

End Amen


Audio downloads

The 1st Side Project

"End Amen"

    Recorded in Berlin after the 1st PW tour in 1991 by Harris Johns.

    Touring Support act "Deathrow" guitarist, Uwe Osterlehner was doing a project with his friend Siggi Blasey. (from German project "Crash Museum")

    They needed a drummer for the project, which became know as "End Amen".  Norm volunteered to do it after the tour.  Dan, envious of the chance to hang out in Europe asked if he could..."hang out".

    Instead, they offered the chance to record a few solos and drink more beer!  The rare out of print CD and Vinyl pushed Dan's guitar limits to new levels speed-wise.  Some say it's kinda like Megadeth meets Psychotic meets an unknown.  This laid the way for Darkstar.

- Songs -

Whispering Into Oblivion
It's A Ghetto
Five Years
Let's Start A War
State Of Mind
Just Like A Timepiece


"The Strange Mind Of
Buddy Lackey"

Buddy Lackey


Audio downloads

Buddy Lackey's Solo CD

    While Dan was recovering from his fall in 1991, Buddy had a year to work on a solo project.

    The original recording was in his home studio, Buddy played all the instruments.  But once in the mastering studio, the quality was so shot it needed to be re-recorded.

    Enter the German friends from tour support act, "Life Artist".  They came to the rescue and performed the material in the studio where "Everflow" was recorded.

   Unfortunately, Buddy felt they didn't really capture the "feel" he wanted, more 70's than progressive rock. But it still offered the fans more ear candy.


- Songs -

Out Of Mind
Little People
All The Voices
Only Time
Into The Everflow
Tiny Streams
And The Devil Cried
Hanging On A String

"Live '93"

Psychotic Waltz Live


A Bootleg CD


    This was the 1st bootleg CD we ever came across.  It was recorded in 1993 in Eupen, Belgium.

    The guy with the mics & camera's promised he wasn't gonna make a bootleg CD!!!  Imagine that?

   Not bad for a bootleg, not great either.

- Songs -

Marching Into Oblivion
Confusion On A Grand Scale
Out There
A New Beginning
Alien Christ

"Marching Into Oblivion"



Audio downloads

Dan Rock's Side Project


     This CD was recorded in Germany, after one of Psychotic's tours in 1995.  

     Siggi and Dan thought it would be cool to make a CD with instrumentals, dark like Pink Floyd, but heavy like PW, with technical spoken samples and sequencing like Kraftwerk.

    It was well received by many fans of PW, and many who didn't like PW!  Unfortunately, it was never put together live for touring, maybe some day...

    Features a 20 page full color computer art booklet by PW artist, Travis Smith!!!


- Disc 1 -
Live Gig In Hamburg, 1991

- Disc 2 -

Flashback Into ...
Burn the Night
To Chase The Stars
No Glory
Spiral Tower
The Fry Tape
Halo Of Thorns
The Keeper
Dan's Fall
Flute Solo
Diary Of A Madman
Clusterfuck Jam
The Ending

"Live & Archives"

Psychotic Waltz Archives


Audio downloads

A Posthumous Release

    One CD is a live recording in Hamburg on Buddy's birthday by a fan with a DAT recorder, and the other is an entire CD filled with rare recordings compiled by Dan Rock.

    This was meant as a gift to the hard-core fans, as some quality is very " Lo-Fi".  It includes early bedroom 4 track recordings, jam room 8 track demo's, live cover tunes, early versions of songs, some humorous live out-takes, and some unfinished, unreleased material.

    Comes with a 32 page color booklet full of photos, original artist Mike Clift paintings, and a song by song description of what each piece is about.

   Includes original hard to find "Aslan" demo tape songs. Remixed off the original Master tape.


- Songs -

Erotic Nightmares
Save My Baby
Pleasures Of The Flesh
Flight To Nowhere
The Dream
Look To The Sky
Disturbing The Priest
The Dynamo Concert
In The Flesh
Diary Of A Madman
(Las Vegas version)

Mike Clift

"Dark Millenium"



Audio downloads

Posthumous #2

    For the Psychotic fan who still needs more, Institute Of Art Records (Darkstar & Live Archives also) put out this release in May of '99.

   It features 7 incredible sound track-ish compositions by Brian McAlpin since his departure from PW, as well as a couple new instrumentals written by Dan & Brian. Those songs are a preview of Darkstar II.

    It also has 3 songs from the infamous 1991 Dynamo gig in Holland that launched their European career, and a few more live cover tunes.

    A 28 page booklet with more paintings by Mike Clift, Siggi, and friend Jim Woodward complete this interesting follow up of more unreleased PW material.

- Songs -

Dark Paradise
Flight To Nowhere
The Sound Of Nothing
Transitory Angel
Infinite Distance
The Dream
Not Today
Look To The Sky
The Last Drop Of Light


"Heart Of Darkness"



Audio downloads


Darkstar II

    The long awaited follow up to me & Siggi's 1995 Darkstar project.  This was recorded in late 1998, partly in San Diego, and finished in Frankfurt.

    This CD features fellow PW guitarist Brian McAlpin in places.  Dark winding long harmony solos!!!  

    The overtone of sadness throughout the CD was inspired by the loss of a loved one to drugs, but was sadly added to by the loss of my father in a car accident during the sessions.

    This effort also adds the dimensions of 4 different vocalists on 3 songs. One female, three male.  All good friends...Detlef from German band Pantokrator and last minute additions Steve Summers from Sprung Monkey, and Dominic Moscatella from "Mower". Sonny Hollis from San Diego let me borrow her beautiful voice for Transitory Angel.



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